I want Firefox Reader

12/28/2022 12:51 pm |

It isn't hard to find conversations bemoaning the shuttering of Google Reader. That single move dramatically shifted the landscape of the Internet. I use FreshRSS right now, and it honestly is fantastic at a lot of things. It's got some rough edges, but largely - I am quite happy with it.

So, then, why do I want Firefox Reader? I am imagining it as the vehicle which moves the needle for Firefox, returns RSS to a dominant tool for the Internet, and begins turning the tide of the landscape online again.

RSS is an open standard and is an incredible tool for conveying information across the Internet. Is it perfect? No. Is it great? Yes. The Internet is better for it being in prevalent use and will make the Internet better. And it makes it better for the exact reason many sites have begun removing it - it removes control from the website and puts it in the hands of the reader. They can consume the created content however, whenever, and wherever they want.

And that is what we need. That is the proper direction for the Internet.

That is why I want Mozilla and Firefox to do it. Mozilla, as a corporation, is positioned to financially benefit from pushing the Internet in the right direction and does not have overt motivations which interfere with this.

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