Writing Project Overview

8/6/2023 10:56 am |

This morning I spent some time writing. I've got four projects I rotate between working on depending on motivation and inspiration. I'm trying to focus and wrangle my efforts be on one piece and, when I need a change, to have another one I can switch to for a bit. This morning's work is on my most complete project, "Thorn."

Here's a quick overview of them. I am loathe to give away many spoilers or plot details, because A) I'm jealous of these stories, and B) who knows how correct they'll end up being when they are eventually finished.

Here's a quick overview of the projects and their current state. All titles are just placeholders.

"Thorn" (Modern Fantasy)

The working title for my first book, I wrote it during COVID and have continued to work on it over the past few years. I am firmly convinced it is mediocre at best. But it has potential and it represents a "complete" book. I just need to make it better. Right now I'm giving it a bit of a rewrite as I change the position of one of the characters and need to adjust the book around it.

"Canopy" (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

A science fiction novel with elements of fantasy interwoven. I have much of the plot laid out and now it's just about writing it. Notable because it's the only one on this list which ventures outside of Fantasy, and also the others are all such that they could be a larger series and I think this one is self-contained. We'll see.

"Lukas" (High Fantasy)

A high fantasy epic. I have broad strokes of it figured out, and it's currently about a core cast of characters and a larger plot, but I still have a lot of work to do to figure out what the story is.

"Runes" (High Fantasy)

This is the newest on the list. The main concept and plot came to me before a flight last week. I've started work on world building and figuring out the plot to flesh it out. I have a lot of excitement over this right now, but there is a lot of work to do to figure out what this story is about.