7/15/2022 4:55 pm |

After the Covid years, and while my job is still hybrid (though I choose to predominately work in the office) - I remade my trusty daily work organizer. A 3-ring binder with single day-sheets. Each sheet is basically split in half, the top half of the page is what I had been always called an Eisenhower Matrix, but which others simply call a Priority Matrix. The bottom half is blank, reserved for additional notes from the day. I've tried various digital "Priority Matrix" tools, but I've never found happiness with them. I don't know what it is.

I tried using OneNote throughout Covid, when everything went virtual. It's good as far as a data archive and organizer goes, but it just never clicked with me for using it for my daily organization during a work day. So I might use it for taking full notes of a meeting, but in terms of capturing tasks and action items, etc. Nope, no good.

In addition to that, I've come to realize is that while yes, digital only notes are useful and in many cases faster, as a consumate data consumer and multitasker, if I am sitting with both hands on my keyboard and mouse then I am going to be multitasking. And, in some meetings, that is fine, but for others I need to force myself to focus. Minimize other windows, silence notifications, ignore email, etc.

Using my physical notebook helps me disengage from multitasking on the computer. Work stuff is shifting and that is what triggered me to remake the binder.