My Firefox Extensions

1/19/2023 6:18 am |

It struck me this morning that it may be useful or, perhaps interesting, to archive the Extensions I currently use in Firefox. The extensibility of browsers today is fantastic.

  1. Bitwarden - Password Manager
  2. Decentraleyes - Privacy tool which works by attempting to block unneccessary calls to content distribution networks.
  3. Easy Screenshot - Tool to easily snag screenshots of pages. I primarily use it to snag photos of complete pages where it scrolls down and screepcaps and then stitches them together.
  4. Facebook Container - Forces Facebook and Instagram pages into their own container, this blocks them from tracking you across the web.
  5. Feed Preview - It returns and enhances the ability to preview RSS feeds.
  6. Firefox Multi-Account Containers - I live and die by multi-containers in Firefox. The majority of it is so that I can easily differentiate Work and Personal credentials, etc. But I use it for all sorts of things.
  7. Firefox Translations - Mostly so I can test and experiment with Mozilla's local translation tool, meaning it doesn't interface with Google etc. Overall it's good, but not perfect.
  8. GIPHY for Firefox - Honestly, I use it largely to enable quick and easy gif access for posting on Mastodon.
  9. Privacy Badger - Privacy tool from EFF. It's not as good as it used to be, but it still blocks some tracking tools.
  10. Reddit Enhancement Suite - As a longtime Redditor, and I use the old layout still, it enables and enhances a bunch of functions on Reddit.
  11. Return YouTube Dislike - Using the API, it allows me to see the dislikes on YouTube videos.
  12. Simple Translate - Integrates with Google's Translate for easy on-the-fly translation.
  13. Soundfixer - It allows me to manage volumes for individual tabs in Firefox, very useful for my laptop which has dinky speakers and I want to boost the tab's volume over 100%
  14. Sticky Window Containers - Another tool for the account containers, this one has tabs in a window open in the same container as the first tab in the window. This also lets me easily do the work/home split.
  15. uBlock Origin - The best ad blocker ever
  16. Unpaywall - Legally find free access to academic articles.

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