Homeward Bound

7/1/2024 10:40 pm |

I am simultaneously 3 hours early for my flight and 21 hours late for it. Originally, I was going to fly out yesterday but unfortunately that didn't happen.

Around 1:30 in the morning, I woke up to void my bladder and I glanced at my phone (as I always do) to see notice that my flight out of Amsterdam was delayed. I immediately knew this was a problem as I had a short layover in Dallas, one I was already concerned about. Sure enough as soon as I got the notice of the flight delay, I was told I would need to book my flight on a new itinerary. Long story short, after two hours of being on hold and communicating with low wage frontline customer support workers I finally managed to get on a flight for Tuesday.

An extra day in Amsterdam is normally a fantastic thing but the truth is that I was drained and just ready to get home to my wife and dog and bed. I didn't venture out on this extra day, instead I stayed in, did some very small amount of work, read, and napped.

Humorously, as I was sitting here in the airport at the gate, well early of today's rebooked flight – I got notice it also has been delayed. Now, when I booked the new ticket, I purposefully picked a later connector for just this reason – so long as we don't get delayed more than another hour… I should be okay. Famous last words, but sometimes I need to tempt fate.

Overall, as far as work trips go, it was excellent. The MagicCon event went well and largely without issue. Sure, there were some things, but in the grand scheme of things it went very smooth.

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