My Christmas Movie Scale

12/23/2022 4:29 pm |

Every year we see the debates regarding whether a movie is or isn't a Christmas movie. Usually done with humorous intent, but sometimes it comes from someone's earnest belief. In the case of the latter, then all that matters is that you believe it, and you can proselytize it to others and try to bring them around to your side.

For me, I think it is more beneficial (and with just as much opportunity for comedy) to move from the binary of "Is" and "Isn't" to a scale. I propose 1-7 for ease while also allowing plenty of granularity.

Below are my example rankings, I welcome feedback!


Nothing relating to Christmas at all.


A very meager suggested connection, but overall the movie avoids anything relating to the holiday season.


Christmas occurs somewhere inside this movie as a background event.


Christmas plays a role, but the movie largely lives outside of the holiday


Christmas is in the movie and holiday themes are part of it, but it is not the tentpole of the movie


The movie is about Christmas, but not entirely


Fully about and within Christmas