My Morning Brain Exercises

1/20/2022 8:56 am |

NYT Mini Crossword - One of the first things I do every morning online. It's quick and easy. It takes me usually less than 2 minutes to complete. Puzzles - For a free account on, I get access to seven chess puzzles a day. And I do them religiously. I like their system and find their puzzles to be of very high quality.

Wordle - The reality is I rarely do this in the morning, but that is only because I tend to do it during the brief periods I awake during the night. Taking the dogs out or seeing to other personal needs.

Wiki History Game - A very new addition, this puzzle drops people, things and events and you have to put them in chronological order. It's less of a puzzle and more of a thinking exercise, which I am enjoying.

Chimp Test - I don't do this one daily, and I usually wait until my brain is a bit more warmed up before I attempt it. But this works my working memory and takes some active effort to try and get the highest score I can possibly do. My all time high is 14, with my average usually being 11 or 12.