On Mourning

3/24/2021 7:07 am |

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of the death of a friend and coworker. As I go through my Facebook memories I came across this philosophical post about the mourning process and I felt it was worth sharing here again:

Today I came to realize that the reality about the mourning process is that it is all about repeatedly falling down the emotional rabbit holes and then forcing yourself to eventually climb back out. And you do it over and over and over again.

The goal isn't to not fall down, it's to fall down and get back up each and every time. You might hurt, in fact you will hurt, when it happens. You'll get the wind knocked out of you. You'll ache. You'll get angry. You'll get confused. You'll find yourself snippy for no reason. This is you climbing back out of a hole and shaking off a demon.

Whether you make the climb from the sanctity of your home, or in the midst of a crowded bar, or while kneeling in front of a chicken coop in the zoo - it's important to understand this is part of the process.

I am so thankful I got to spend the day today surrounded by wonderful people who could share in my heartache and pain, and selfishly who could help buoy me as I hope I buoyed a few of them.

Tomorrow's another day. We have to keep going. He wants us to keep going.