My 2022 TV Shows

12/21/2022 11:50 am |

So I sat down to try and compile a list of the TV shows I've watched this year. Doing this really put into perspective how much TV I consumed this year and I'm not sure I'm okay with it. But that's for me to figure out.

Where relevant, I split them into "New" shows and "Returning" shows. I use 'returning' that this year wasn't the show's first season.

Eager For Next Season, Will Absolutely Watch

These are shows I loved. I regard them as must watch and will likely watch them episode by episode as released.



Will Watch Next Season Eventually

One thing that is notable here is that the streaming reality where binging the show is feasible, and in many ways a lower level of commitment. This means a number of these shows are ones I'd probably bounce off of, but they survive to get more viewership because of the model.



Probably Off This Show

Not planning to watch anymore. I might, but I don't expect it.



Liked but Ended

Liked the shows but they've ended their run.

Liked but Canceled

RIP. I wanted to split these out since their future has been decided.

Canceled and Okay With It

No tears were shed.

Edit: I've added 'Ted Lasso' and 'Winning Time' to the rankings.

Edit 2: Added 'The Flight Attendant' and 'Better Call Saul,' also forced me to split "Liked but Canceled" from "Liked but Ended."

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