Monday, February 11th, 2002

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The following post was from my original blog on, it is archived here for posterity purposes

So this morning I wake up to do my radio show, end up nearly being late because I lost track of time. Get there, get the show running and as 8:30 comes around I get a call in and it is this woman named Berniece, she's well known to the station, she calls in regularly just to talk to someone. She doesn't listen to the radio, she doesn't like music, but she knows she can call the station and almost always find someone to talk to.

This morning she was calling me to talk about rats coming up the kitchen sink drain pipe, no joke. It was funny but odd too. The worst part is I was so busy laughing and enjoying the call I forgot to setup the next songs so I got caught flat footed and unfortunately had to survive several seconds of empty air while I struggled to get a song queued and come up with something to say.

Oh well, live and learn.

After the radio show I ran some on campus errands, came back to my room and began working on the new layout for my Chessblog. I'm very happy with how it came out, especially since the layout is cross-browser friendly (screwing the big resolutions horribly but guess what - that's your fault not mine JOSH).

About 12:15 I had a lunch scheduled with the sunday school teacher, and a guy who works with Campus Crusade named Josh (not the Josh above). It was a good lunch we went to a nice midtown noodle restaurant and it was an interesting experience. We had a pleasant meal doing some serious talking and getting to know each other.

After our lunch I came back got my stuff and headed for the class for the day, Calculus. I did horrible on my test, I'm really upset with myself and I'm going to go see the professor tomorrow to find out where it puts me grade wise. If I'm in bad shape I may just drop it and wait til next semester. We'll see. I can't have this dragging my GPA lower, to be a PL I have to break 2.3.

After a rousing class of Calculus I went to the "free speech" part of campus with a friend and met up with a group of people to pray. It was refreshing, I needed to lift up concerns and have others hear what burdened me. It's amazing how much weight can be lifted simply by saying it out loud to someone else.

Oh! I almost forgot I met a reader from my page today. I met Mike in passing and that was cool to finally see him face to face. He's another student here on campus and we hadn't met yet but we have now.

As for the rest of my day, it's been lots of studying and working on the Chessblog.

Alright, time to study more.

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