Friday, January 30th, 2004

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So let's talk about frustration

The following post was from my original blog on, it is archived here for posterity purposes

Two days ago I decided I needed to upgrade my video card. I found a good deal and I got myself a geforce 4 video card. Not the hottest thing out there, but it was perhaps the hottest deal out there. So I was happy, waiting for the package to arrive.

Thanks to FedEx loving GT and shipping the next day, I got it today. Picked it up in the Student Center after waiting for 20 minutes in line. I took my box and went upstairs to find the table of chess players.

Chess. My bane. My vice. Like a comet hurtling through space, I was so excited to have the video card I wanted to get back to my room and put it in and play, but like a large mass in Space it drew me in and held me.

It was bughouse time. Bughouse is perhaps the most addictive chess variant there is. You play it in teams of two and each of you plays opposing colors. So I was black and my partner was white. My partner is one of the best chess players on campus. He's near Master level and just fantastic at the game.

I had all intentions of playing like 2 games but we just kept winning, we won like 7 times before I finally announced that this was my last game. And of course, with that announcement, I lost.

So I broke free of the gravity and headed on home with box in hand.

Coming into my room I set about installing my card, uninstalling the old card I turned off the system and put in my new one. Turning it on it seemed to be looking hopeful, looking good. After some wrestling I got the card configured.

But wait, all is not well inside this little microcosm of the digital universe. Apparently the new card conflicts with my network card... and for some reason the audio card is having trouble.

So with several hours and many words which I wouldn't say in front of my neices and nephews (who I am going to see tomorrow), I finally concede a temporary defeat and retreat. I put in my old card and reconfigure my settings to return to the old setup.

So here I am, frustrated.

But enough of that, this week has put enough frustration and stress into my life. This weekend is going to be an interesting relaxation weekend. Tomorrow is my eldest neice's sweet 16 birthday party. And my sister is going absolutely bonkers with the stress of it all.

We all know how it was being 16, the undeniable urge to resist our parents. And it seems my neice is taking a more direct path to resist. So my sister is frazzled and she talked to me for 15 minutes. In short I'll be a "chaperone" for 20-30 young women. Yeah, my life's rough.

So then Sunday is the big day, Pats vs Cats. I think I'm going to go for the Pats. I just hope it's a good game.

Next week is going to keep me busy, Monday is a business meeting for the SCA@GT and it's going to be busy with lots and lots of stuff to go over. Past that I have two tests and a job fair on Wednesday. Hopefully the job fair will open some doors for me, perhaps the FBI (crosses his fingers.)

And that's where I am, was and will be for the next week, how about you?

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