Thursday, August 20th, 2020

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Carlsen vs. Nakamura - Day 7

For most of the morning, when not focused on other things, I had today's match between Carlsen and Nakamura up. And the drama keeps rolling as they take it to the final armageddon blitz match.

Several months ago I set up a Pi Hole DNS filter for the home network using a Raspberry Pi 3b. Every once in a while I like to check in on it and see how it's doing. It blocked nearly 29% of all queries on the home network in the past 24 hours, roughly 30,700 queries stopped.

I've been playing a lot of chess recently. The thing that I like about chess is that it is the game I have found which is most brutal in the necessity to find the best possible option. "If you have a good move and a better move, then the good move is actually bad."

I do a lot of chess puzzles and I get frustrated when the move I made, which was valid and does gain an advantage on the opponent, is wrong and thus I get no points. Sure, some sites handle it better than others, some will give partial credit for good but wrong answers. But as much as it frustrates me, the whole reason I'm doing it is I'm trying to develop that mindset. I am very comfortable with the phrase "good enough" both personally and professionally. And while most of the time, it truly is good enough, I still see it as something I need to develop as a skill and mentality for my growth.

For the release of Telling Lies, David Bowie let people online chat with him and two imposters. Bowie was voted least like to really be him.

A heartwarming story of a troubled youth and a couple refusing to give up on him

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