Monday, January 11th, 2021

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Idaho Man Who Participated in Capitol Riot Claims He Got "Caught Up In The Moment" (

That is incredibly hard to swallow when that person was there in tactical gear. I'm willing to believe some of the people at the rally found themselves swept up in the mob mentality, but even then - I don't think that should allow them to escape criminal charges.

Melania Trump's statement just makes me all the more eager to have that despicable family out of the White House (

In Historic 1st, U.S. Capitol Police Name Yogananda Pittman As Acting Chief - 1st Woman, African American To Lead Force (

In second impeachment bid, Democrats accuse Trump of inciting insurrection (

"How will Trump get his message out without Twitter?"

Yes, how did the first 44 Presidents manage?

(Yes, Obama had Twitter but he also didn't use it as a primary messaging vehicle.)

Germany's Merkel hits out at Twitter over 'problematic' Trump ban (

The unprecedented decision to ban Trump's account has drawn comments from a few world leaders, Merkel is the most notable of the ones I've seen to come out against it.

"The right to freedom of opinion is of fundamental importance," Steffen Seibert, Merkel's chief spokesman, told reporters in Berlin on Monday, according to Reuters.

"Given that, the chancellor considers it problematic that the president's accounts have been permanently suspended."

Seibert said that, while Twitter was right to flag Trump's inaccurate tweets about the 2020 U.S. election, banning his account altogether was a step too far. He added that governments, not private companies, should decide on any limitations to freedom of speech.

Among my favorite perks of working from home these past 9 months is the ability to make lunch during the day in a full kitchen. It's a nice break that goes beyond going to the breakroom and getting my lunch out and zapping it in the microwave. I still do that sometimes (the orzo sausage dish I made today will last most of the week.)

Biden dresses down his Covid team over plans to speed vaccinations (

Good. This is what I want from the President. Drive this across the goal line if you have to drag it there yourself.

Phones should be smart enough that when someone takes a screenshot, the handles for highlighted text hide. It's so common for people to share a screenshot from articles with part highlighted, but it has circles or arrows of where the OS lets the user drag & adjust the highlight

The Chase (ABC) - 🤓🤓🤓🤓/5 (

A British game show has arrived in the US on ABC. The premise is a team of 3 contestants must work together to push against a ringer. In the case of the American version, the ringers are the three top Jeopardy contestants of all time: Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holtzhauer. Katie and I just watched the first episode and enjoyed it. Good difficult trivia and an interesting game mechanism that gives us space to debate over decision making.

The Electoral College has a Pro-Republican bias (

Washington State Roadmap to Recovery (

Effective January 11, 2021, the State of Washington is launching Healthy Washington —Roadmap to Recoverywhich uses a regional approach for the phased recovery plan. This report describes the four metricsand corresponding thresholdsfor the Roadmap to Recoveryas well as the status for each region.More information on the phase recovery plan and reopening guidelines will be available at this website.

What she said 👆 👆 👆

Pablo Escobar’s hippos are the world’s largest invasive species ( 🗝️)

Think of this post as a mental palate cleanser; a break from Covid and US politics. This story has everything: hippos, animal rights activists, Colombia, tourism, and a growing problem.

All thanks to that drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.

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