Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

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I said it under Obama, I'll say it again under Trump. The fact our government is forced to shut down because they can't/won't negotiate a budget is unbelievable and sends me into a seething rage.

I would propose an amendment that said: When the US government shuts down due to budgets not being negotiated, every member of the House and Senate has to draw a stone out of a bag. Half of them randomly get replaced.

Unbelievable. Is there another government which purposefully shuts down as part of business?

I still feel the same way, I find it abhorrent that the government can be shut down because a budget deal isn't reached. Though a friend (who is much smarter than me) pointed out that the smaller party is more inclined to force the scenario I suggest in hopes of removing members of the bigger party and trying to win those seats.

I don't actually care about what scenario there is, my point was that there needs to be real consequences which actually motivates politicians to get their job done.

1/19/2021 7:01 am | | Tags: us politics, facebook, personal

Inslee lays out Washington state's plans for vaccination

1/19/2021 7:05 am | | Tags: washington state, covid 19, pandemic

Biden picks Dr. Rachel Levine to be assistant health secretary

If confirmed, she would be the first openly transgender person to serve as a federal officer.

1/19/2021 7:18 am | | Tags: transgender rights, us politics

Lego AI Sorter - 2 years in the making

Very fun and neat project! Legos truly are amazing.

1/19/2021 7:47 am | | Tags: legos, artificial intelligence, machine learning, raspberry pi

Inside the digital clock from a Soyuz spacecraft

I took exactly one course in computer engineering when I was at Georgia Tech, and when it moved beyond the basic diagramming that I could imagine as logic puzzles I relied heavily on my roommate (who now is an engineer for a robotics company I believe.) That said, while I don't understand a lot of this, I did still find it interesting to read!

1/19/2021 10:34 am | | Tags: electronics, space, russia

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Donald Trump's Legacy

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an excellent writer and commentator on the state of the world.

1/19/2021 12:01 pm | | Tags: us politics, conservative

@DrIbram on Twitter discusses the disgusting 1776 Report

1/19/2021 12:04 pm | | Tags: us politics, racism, us history

As Glowbug continues to be my pet project, last night I coded in functionality to enable easy sharing from my phone. I use an Android device, so the workflow (for now) makes use of Tasker and AutoShare (a plugin for it) to call a custom endpoint on the webserver. It is still not a 100% process, as it turns out Android sharing is a pretty messy thing and is not standardized as nice as I would like. But I've got a working structure for now.

At some point I'll probably code a simple Android app that acts as a sharing bridge, solely existing to take the text and dump it into a webcall to the server. But for now, the Tasker + AutoShare functionality gets the job done.

1/19/2021 2:51 pm | | Tags: programming, glowbug, android

Guy Kawasaki has laid out the tech needed for a professional quality home stream for TV production

1/19/2021 2:54 pm | | Tags: streaming, work from home

The South's submarine, the Hunley, sunk one Union ship and then sunk, lost for over 100 years

It was recovered in 1995 and has been turned into a museum/tourist exhibit. Fascinating stuff.

1/19/2021 5:17 pm | | Tags: submarine, us history, civil war

Obituary for a Failed Presidency

In the end, Trump was everything his haters feared—a chaos candidate, in the prescient words of one of his 2016 rivals, who became a chaos President. An American demagogue, he embraced division and racial discord, railed against a "deep state" within his own government, praised autocrats and attacked allies, politicized the administration of justice, monetized the Presidency for himself and his children, and presided over a tumultuous, turnover-ridden Administration via impulsive tweets. He leaves office, Gallup reported this week, with the lowest average approval ratings in the history of the modern Presidency. Defeated by Joe Biden in the 2020 election by seven million votes, Trump became the first incumbent seeking reëlection to see his party lose the White House, Senate, and the House of Representatives since Herbert Hoover, in 1932. A liar on an unprecedented scale, Trump made more than thirty thousand false statements in the course of his Presidency, according to the Washington Post, culminating in perhaps the biggest lie of all: that he won an election that he decisively lost.

Another choice quote:

It strikes me that the mistake, the original sin for many in Washington, was in pretending that the Campaign Trump of 2016 was not the true Trump, when in reality they knew there was never going to be a governing Trump, never going to be a Presidential Trump. What he said in all those rallies and tweets was his authentic self: foul-mouthed, bullying, self-obsessed, casually racist, and capable not only of breathtaking lies but of repeating them over and over until they became a strategy unto themselves.

1/19/2021 5:31 pm | | Tags: us politics, president

Trump wants to split the Republicans and start the 'Patriot Party'

President Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party, according to people familiar with the matter, an effort to exert continued influence after he leaves the White House.

Mr. Trump discussed the matter with several aides and other people close to him last week, the people said. The president said he would want to call the new party the "Patriot Party," the people said.

1/19/2021 5:46 pm | | Tags: us politics, conservative

I go to sleep tonight knowing tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. Regardless, it will mean the end of 45 in office. I expect to disagree with Biden on a lot of things, but I never expect to be disgusted and embarrassed of our political machine the way these past four years have.

1/19/2021 10:40 pm | | Tags: personal, us politics, inauguration

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