Thursday, January 21st, 2021

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I guested on DragonTalk, the D&D podcast at work (

I recently sat down with my coworker and friend Shelly Mazzanoble and discussed DMing and World Building for D&D. The episode I was on just dropped if you would like to go listen to it.

1/21/2021 7:11 am | |
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Biden inheriting nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan and must start 'from scratch,' sources say (

So, I get the Republicans wanting to push states over country, but there are events where it has to be nationally driven. If another country decided to invade the US, they wouldn't make states defend themselves. A national pandemic is the same thing. Over 400,000 people died because of their mismanagement, what could that number have been? 100,000? Lower?

1/21/2021 8:42 am | |
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Washington has a mental health phone number if you need to talk to someone (

1/21/2021 8:56 am | |
Tags: washington state, mental health, covid 19

1/21/2021 5:07 pm | |
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Senate Dems file ethics complaint against two jackasses (

Cruz and Hawley are facing an ethics complaint from a group of Democrats over their behavior following the election challenge.

The letter, led by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), requests that the panel investigate several issues, including whether Cruz (R-Texas) and Hawley (R-Mo) encouraged the violent Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol; whether they coordinated with organizers of the pro-Trump rally immediately before the riot; whether they received donations from any organizations or donors that also funded the rally; and whether the senators "engaged in criminal conduct or unethical or improper behavior."

1/21/2021 5:33 pm | |
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White House communications director: 'Biden is not going to be breaking news at 1am on Twitter' (

I said almost this exact thing to a friend a few nights ago. I no longer have to wake up and wonder what the most powerful man in the world said as he sat awake at 3am. It's a wonderful feeling.

1/21/2021 5:44 pm | |
Tags: us news, us politics, whitehouse

Joe Biden names Jessica Rosenworcel acting FCC chair (


An interesting factoid from her Wikipedia page (so, verify it - don't just trust me) is that she's the sister to the drummer for the band Guster.

1/21/2021 5:47 pm | |
Tags: us news, us politics, fcc

Retiring Tucows Downloads (

This is some serious nostalgia. I remember eagerly looking for new freeware and shareware to try on when I was younger. I knew the site was still around, and today learned the news that that would soon not be the case.

1/21/2021 5:51 pm | |
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Japan reportedly is going to cancel the Olympics due to Covid ( 🗝️)

Makes total sense, but still very sad to see one of these global moments officially be canceled because of this fucking disease.

Update: Now reports are coming out denying this report. We'll have to wait and see what fully happens.

1/21/2021 8:47 pm | |
Tags: japan, olympics, covid 19

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