Monday, March 8th, 2021

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Amadeus (1984) - 3/5 Operas

I've loved Amadeus for a long time. It came out the year after I was born, so I'm not sure when or where I saw it. Maybe my parents rented it from Blockbuster, or something. But I've watched it, and owned it, for a long time. But I hadn't watched it recently, and I decided to give it another watch. The music definitely makes the film more enjoyable for me, I love the classical music so much. But below that, I have begun to lose my fancy for the plot.

As I watched it, I was also what (if any) basis it had in fact. I had no doubt it was largely fictional, but where did it cross from history to fiction? How real were the theater and opera scenes in terms of look and costumes and effects, etc?

I found these two articles:

What Amadeus Gets Wrong

Amadeus: the fart jokes can't conceal how laughably wrong this is

You're welcome to read them, I found them quite educational and the short takeaway for me is that that on a scale of 1-10 for historical accuracy, I'd put this move at a 2. Real people, some real events, but almost everything else is wrong or made up.

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