Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

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3D Printing

I haven't posted in a bit, and the truth is a new hobby has overtaken me these past few days. After years of waffling back and forth, I finally pulled the trigger on getting a resin 3d printer. I bought an Anycubic Photon Mono. The system itself is amazingly plug-and-play. I've done three prints now. First was the test shape which is a matrixed cube. Second was a batch of goblins (to see how the machine did with 15 different minis. And last night I set it to do a large mini, a stone giant I'm calling George.

George isn't perfect, part of doing this print was doing one that required structural supports and the supports failed in the section under the rock in his hand. So the rock in his hand is fairly flat rather than being more rounded. But, aside from that he came out great. I think tonight I'll try a terrain piece of some sort to see how it comes out.

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