Saturday, May 8th, 2021

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Just had a good ole' 20 minutes wrestling with the home modem and wifi router. At the core, I think the issue was that in rebooting our system I jiggled the network cable loose or at least ajar such that the modem and router weren't talking. Eventually got it worked out.

What is most interesting is, since I use my pihole as a full DNS router, I could see my streaming devices go absolutely fucking nuts pinging back home to try and reconnect. It's a dramatic spike:

Looks like they peaked at 13,000 requests over 10 minutes. Talk about being needy.

5/8/2021 8:31 am | |
Tags: home networking

Wednesday is my Vaxx day and I cannot wait. I've held off keeping my head buzzed for a few weeks in preparation of going and getting a proper haircut. I also promised the wife that we'd get our nails done, and most of all - go out and get Dim Sum to celebrate re-entering the world.

Obviously we will still take precautions with masks, etc. But to know we are fully vaccinated will allow us to do things we haven't done in over year once again.

5/8/2021 8:40 am | |
Tags: covid 19

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