Saturday, June 12th, 2021

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The verdict is in: No one pandemics like Seattle

The news this past week that Seattle has become the "most vaccinated city" — the first of the 30 largest U.S. metros to reach 70% fully vaxxed — is just the capper to a curious 16-month odyssey. We started out as Ground Zero for an infectious disease outbreak, but then watched as it took off and slammed everywhere else much harder than it ever did here.

As exciting as that is, this is the most exciting for me:

On Friday, Seattle reported just four new cases. How have we, mostly, escaped?

The article then goes to ask if the Seattle Freeze way of life helped us beat the pandemic because we all hate gathering in groups already.

6/12/2021 9:48 am | | Tags: covid 19, pandemic, seattle

I refuse to let ESPN market to me while they have announcers talk endlessly about the tragedy and what they don't know. There is need for better respect than sensationalizing this moment. This is someone's life.

Update: He appears to be okay, or at least awake and stable.


6/12/2021 10:17 am | | Tags: eurocup

I have been using a FreshRSS install for a few months now, allowing myself to return to the realm of RSS feeds. And after those past few months I've dealt with a number of websites using truncated bodies of posts in the RSS feed, and occasionally clicking through to the full article on the website.

Well, last night I discovered a feature of FreshRSS that I had not known - and that is the ability to actually have it pull the full post body from the website through defining of the post body's CSS container. It's technically somewhat simple (I understand how to implement it, conceptually) but still having that function is amazing and has already made my RSS feed so much better.

6/12/2021 10:57 am | | Tags: rss, programming, internet

Love this new Phone lockscreen

Credit for the picture, found on Reddit. I can't find it now, once I do, I'll link it.

6/12/2021 11:03 am | | Tags: phone, dungeons and dragons

Hank Green's - An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

I just finished the audiobook for Hang Green's latest book. I haven't read any of his other books, but this was overall an enjoyable listen. I won't say it is amazing, it feels for much of the book like a thin veil over the events of 2020 but it is still an enjoyable story. As with most books, I found the finish of the book a bit unsatisfying. I don't know if I simply have too-high expectations for books, if endings are that hard to pull off, or more likely a mixture of both.

I give it a rating of 🤖 🤖 🤖 / 🤖 🤖 🤖 🤖 🤖

6/12/2021 11:10 am | | Tags: review, books
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