Monday, June 14th, 2021

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Last night I crawled through the Internet Archive's archive of my old blog,, and I grabbed about a dozen posts to import here, as you'll see there are now posts in the archive from the 2002-2007 era which is when I used that blog. I opted not to import them all for a few reasons:

  1. It wasn't a complete archive anyways - I was getting random day snapshots from when the Internet Archive had snapped the moment of time.
  2. My writing was largely banal - So much life logging or self-important writing as a young man who thought he knew everything

It was fun though to remember things I had forgotten, it was also gut wrenching to see the recurring theme as I struggled with college and repeatedly bemoaned it without ever really figuring it out.

I intend to do the same for other writings from various blogs or websites over the coming weeks, months, perhaps years. We'll see.

Also, as I did this, I have become aware of some bugs I need to fix, and features to add for Glowbug. So, after four months without touching the code, I'm coming back to work on it in the near future.

6/14/2021 12:07 pm | | Tags: site update, archived writing, ronincyberpunk
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