Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022

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I can now tweet threads from Glowbug. It isn't a feature I plan to use often, but I wanted the flexibility to exist. I've been toying with the idea of taking a Twitter hiatus, and if I did so, I would want to have a bit more flexibility in how I can post via the blog.

3/2/2022 7:22 am | | Tags: programming, twitter, glowbug

Integrating COUNT() into a nested MySQL query

I'm working on Glowbug's admin side. One of the features I've wanted to add is for it to recommend existing tags which are similar to ones I've already entered into a post. I'm working on the query which will pull this info up and decided to turn to StackOverflow to see if there is a better way to do it than I am currently. We'll see what the responses say.

Update 9:15am - StackOverflow comes through and gives me the answer.

3/2/2022 9:06 am | | Tags: stackoverflow, glowbug, programming

I'm pleasantly surprised that I didn't lose my Desert Golfing progress when I switched to Volo.

3/2/2022 2:49 pm | | Tags: mobile phone, games, android

Jan. 6 committee concludes Trump violated multiple laws in effort to overturn election

The Jan. 6 select committee says its evidence has shown that then-President Donald Trump and his campaign tried to illegally obstruct Congress' counting of electoral votes and "engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States."

In a major release of its findings, filed in federal court late Wednesday, the committee suggested its evidence supported findings that Trump himself violated multiple laws by attempting to prevent Congress from certifying his defeat.

"The Select Committee also has a good-faith basis for concluding that the President and members of his Campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States," the committee wrote in a filing submitted in U.S. District Court in the Central District of California.

3/2/2022 6:12 pm | | Tags: us politics, january 6th

As I posted this morning, I had began work on a feature for the admin panel on Glowbug. I now have a first implementation of suggested tags for posts on the blog. As I add a tag to a post the system looks for tags used on other posts which have that tag, and then suggests them as possible tags for the post I'm working on.

It's rudimentary, but it's a start. Eventually I'll improve the system with some smarter logic.

3/2/2022 7:37 pm | | Tags: glowbug

Sure sounds like Russia is in for a world of hurt

3/2/2022 7:38 pm | | Tags: world politics, russia, sanctions

How journalists tell real Ukraine videos from fakes

3/2/2022 8:24 pm | | Tags: journalism, ukraine, world politics

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