Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

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The Day I Became Friends with a Robot by Tristrum Tuttle (

A story written by AI and illustrated by AI.

5/24/2022 8:52 am | |
Tags: artificial intelligence, fiction, short fiction, machine learning

Hypothesis (

Their mission: "To enable a conversation over the world’s knowledge."

Hypothesis is a new effort to implement an old idea: A conversation layer over the entire web that works everywhere, without needing implementation by any underlying site.

Came across them thanks to this post. I was otherwise completely unaware. It's definitely something for me to look into.

5/24/2022 8:56 am | |
Tags: web app, knowledge

A good thread about the current economic status in the US (

5/24/2022 9:11 am | |
Tags: us politics, us economy, covid 19

Yet another fucking school shooting. Sickening. Just heart wrenching and sickening.

5/24/2022 2:00 pm | |
Tags: gun control, us politics

Monarch butterfly numbers in Mexico rise by 35% ( 🗝️)

Monarch butterflies hold a special place in my heart. And it has honestly helped me today to hear this news.

5/24/2022 2:26 pm | |
Tags: butterflies, biology, science, mexico

On Aging Alone (

Very philosophical on the realities of aging and being alone. The author dives into the difference of solitude and being lonely. Honestly, not the happiest of reads as it makes me think about the inevitable future. Granted, my mindset is not in the best of places today.

5/24/2022 4:11 pm | |
Tags: aging, adulthood, philosophy

Fascinating thread about the business of booking tables at restaurants (

5/24/2022 10:27 pm | |
Tags: restaurants, programming, technology

Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin (

I have begun falling down the rabbit hole of old interviews on YouTube, hearing from great minds from over the years. This conversation is no exception.

5/24/2022 11:19 pm | |
Tags: jon stewart, george carlin, comedy, interview

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