Thursday, May 26th, 2022

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Doing the morning Wordle is one of my earliest activities of the day. And man does it annoy me when my still-tired brain isn't fully engaged and I make a guess which can't possibly be right. For example when I guess a word which has a letter in a position which has already been eliminated. Sure, sometimes I'm stuck and I'll make a guess just go try and gain some more letter information, knowing it can't be the final answer. But I do that purposefully, versus the gaff of doing it accidentally.

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Tags: wordle

Hello Google. Yes, I appreciate you encrypting every search. You've told me about it every search I've made for the last several days. Please stop.

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Tags: google, security

It occurred to me, as I laid in bed last night, that I can recreate one of the most useful integrations I ever had with IFTTT. I used to have IFTTT grab any Tweet which I liked (as in, clicked the heart / star on), and then they would grab the URL from that tweet and save it to my Pocket for later reading.

IFTTT is not what it used to be, and I'm now using my self-hosted Wallabag, and also I have more coding prowess and power - so I this morning I spent a bit and have my own implementation of this nearly complete. I'm running into some issues with connecting to the Wallabag API, but once I have that sorted - it should be a very quick next few steps to get this up and running. We'll see.

I cannot stress enough that the key to a content consumption workflow like what I've described in the path relies on making the action of capturing content to read later as seamless and smooth as possible.

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Tags: wallabag, twitter, programming

The fact that Ted Cruz has landed on the "Just one door with an armed guard" as a reasonable answer is mind boggling.

5/26/2022 1:02 pm | |
Tags: us politics, gun control, school shooting

I want to stay up and watch Obi-Wan tonight, but I can't. I'm too tired. Tomorrow.

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Tags: star wars, disney, obi wan

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