Saturday, May 28th, 2022

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Crazy thought of the night. If Substack & Medium are making so much money and newspapers aren't, shouldn't newspapers just hire some of the top writers to be columnists for them? Can be the exact same idea, with the added bonus of paper print for those who get the circulation.

Bezos, call me.

5/28/2022 12:33 am | | Tags: newspaper, substack

First two episodes of Obi-Wan watched

Overall, so far, I like it. We'll see where it goes.

5/28/2022 7:36 am | | Tags: star wars, obi wan, disney

Glowbug coding morning

I have, for the past 3 days, been banging my head against the wall.

I utilize an app called 'Wallabag' which is a self-hosted version of Pocket, for storing articles for later reading.

The issue I'm running into is that I want to hook a bit of code I'm writing up to my Wallabag. Wallabag has a built-in API setup. It's documented and works for a number of things already. I'm attempting to create my own. But, for some unknown reason, the path /oauth/v2/token, which works on their hosted setup and for other people who are self hosting, is not working for me.

I've been working through possible reasons. I even contacted my webhost to see if there was possibly some sort of intra-server limitation that would stop it. But, no luck.

My current theory is that there is something messed up with my install. I installed it via 3rd-party tool called Scriptaculous. So, in attempting to fix that, I go about installing it via their prescribed way of doing it. And, because this problem has become a huge constant series of obstructions, I end up with errors as part of install. Fun!

When I ran into the wall on it, I turned to some other bits of coding. Namely, getting me closer to the transition to Markdown rather than HTML on the backend. I have just finished the script which will convert all the posts from HTML to markdown, as well as fixing some other issues.

Tonight I'll finish adding the Markdown parsing to publication and then change the admin entry editor from Quill to a Markdown one. Once that's done, we'll run the conversion.

5/28/2022 9:34 am | | Tags: glowbug, programming, markdown
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