Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

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The Daily - Why the Police Took 78 Minutes to Stop the Uvalde Gunman

A good episode that shines a bit more light on what happened in Uvalde. Far from conclusive, and it left me angry and frustrated that this keeps happening.

5/31/2022 8:40 am | | Tags: nytimes, podcast, the daily, gun control, us politics

Today is a Tuesday which VERY much feels like a Monday. I have come to resent short weeks as I find when Monday is a day off it ends up making the rest of the week feel rougher.

Today is a Tuesday which VERY much feels like a Monday. I have come to resent short weeks as I find when Monday is a day off it ends up making the rest of the week feel rougher.

That said, today I've made the decision that this week is the last week I can let myself focus on Glowbug as a project. I have a number of ideas and things I want to add, but ultimately it's at a solid point in development and I want to move onto other projects. I'm not sure which one I'll go to next, but it will have been almost 2.5 weeks of me focusing on Glowbug and it's time I move to another project.

5/31/2022 9:20 am | | Tags: glowbug, programming, time management

A list of articles on Loneliness

This is a link to a page which links to five different articles about loneliness in the modern era, some were written during Covid, and some were written well before. Definitely some insight to be gained from them as we all could do with a better understanding of loneliness and how we do, and can, process it.

5/31/2022 9:25 am | | Tags: psychology, loneliness, covid 19

How to build a small town in Texas

Far more theoretical than I realized, and it doesn't delve into the politics needed for founding a town. But the author lays out a lot of things I hadn't considered (and probably would not have ever.) It's a highly idealistic vision, but an entertaining read none-the-less.

5/31/2022 9:46 am | | Tags: city planning, dream

Perfect people are a delusion

Largely I agree, as we get to know people we find them moving towards the center. I do think the boundaries here are not wide enough, there are definitely people I know well who I would still consider angels & devils. But the core point is that people want a simple heuristic for judgment of people and that is simply not true.

5/31/2022 10:16 am | | Tags: people

Oppezzo designed an elegant experiment. A group of Stanford students were asked to list as many creative uses for common objects as they could. A Frisbee, for example, can be used as a dog toy, but it can also be used as a hat, a plate, a bird bath, or a small shovel. The more novel uses a student listed, the higher the creativity score. Half the students sat for an hour before they were given their test. The others walked on a treadmill.

The results were staggering. Creativity scores improved by 60 percent after a walk.

A few years earlier, Michelle Voss, a University of Iowa psychology professor, studied the effects of walking on brain connectivity. She recruited 65 couch-potato volunteers aged 55 to 80 and imaged their brains in an MRI machine. For the next year, half of her volunteers took 40-minute walks three times a week. The other participants kept spending their days watching Golden Girls reruns (no judgment here; I love Dorothy and Blanche) and only participated in stretching exercises as a control. After a year, Voss put everyone back in the MRI machine and imaged their brains again. Not much had happened to the control group, but the walkers had significantly improved connectivity in regions of the brain understood to play an important role in our ability to think creatively.

Walking changes our brains, and it impacts not only creativity, but also memory.

5/31/2022 10:31 am | | Tags: walking, thinking, evolution

Supreme Court blocks Texas' Social Media ban

5/31/2022 1:59 pm | | Tags: supreme court, social media, texas
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