Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

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Kermit, via Dall-E, in many movies

6/2/2022 9:17 am | | Tags: artificial intelligence, kermit, muppets

At first I planned to spend this evening working in the garage but my motivation for that died quickly. After watching some TV with Katie I'm now learning about a PHP framework called Laravel. Normally, I don't use a framework, but I think I will for my next project. Laravel, so far, looks very interesting.

6/2/2022 9:51 pm | | Tags: programming, php, framework, laravel

Hemingway on his writing process

I've been reading Daily Rituals by Mason Currey, which delves into the daily habits of all sorts of famous people. I quite enjoyed Hemingway describing his process, the beauty of his prose struck me.

When I am working on a book or a story I write every morning as soon after first light as possible. There is no one to disturb you and it is cool or cold and you come to your work and warm as you write. You read what you have written and, as you always stop when you know what is going to happen next, you go on from there. You write until you come to a place where you still have your juice and know what will happen next and you stop and try to live through until the next day when you hit it again. You have started at six in the morning, say, and may go on until noon or be through before that. When you stop you are as empty, and at the same time never empty but filling, as when you have made love to someone you love. Nothing can hurt you, nothing can happen, nothing means anything until the next day when you do it again. It is the wait until that next day that is hard to get through.

6/2/2022 10:26 pm | | Tags: ernest hemingway, artist, daily rituals

It's Time to Bring Back the AIM Away Message

I enjoyed this article. Both for the nostalgia of being reminded of my days on AIM, but also as an examination of how the communication online has evolved and changed (and not for the better.) I think Covid forced many of us to reevaluate and change, setting boundaries and expectations about our responsiveness for communication, but the article's premise is that platforms don't do this properly and it's on us to figure out and do.

6/2/2022 11:55 pm | | Tags: digital life, messaging
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