Friday, June 17th, 2022

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I will never fly an airline that adopts a seating layout which involes double stacking passengers. I just want to get that out there.

6/17/2022 5:51 am | | Tags: airlines, travel

Today feels like a David Bowie kind of day.

This song came across my feed this morning and confirms it:

6/17/2022 5:57 am | | Tags: music, david bowie, ziggy stardust

A Visual Guide to the Aztec Pantheon

6/17/2022 6:21 am | | Tags: mythology, art, first nations

I'm dealing with a persnickety issue right now between some Firefox extensions and addons. I use 'Facebook Container' to ensure the FB family of products have their own environment and limit their ability to track me on the web. I also use an addon called 'Sticky Containers' which tries to make a tab opened the same container as the tab next to it.

As it turns out, these two don't play nice together. If I have a Facebook tab open, and then open a new one in an empty container as soon as I put in a URL then I get a weird infinite loop of Facebook Container trying to remove the container from the tab, but stickytabs trying to force it in the Facebook Container.

I'm not sure what changed. Maybe when I switched computers recently one of the extensions updated and permissions changed or something. I haven't had this issue on any of my other machines. I'll dig into it over the weekend.

6/17/2022 8:26 am | | Tags: firefox, debugging

The Internet Archive opens headquarters, meeting space for tech world

Excited to know it's that nearby. Definitely would love to check out their space.

6/17/2022 8:49 am | | Tags: internet, vancouver

A new Polar Bear population has been found in southeastern Greenland

6/17/2022 9:09 am | | Tags: polar bear, greenland, arctic

With the launch of Twitter Communities, I need to re-evaluate maintaining two Twitter accounts.

Inflation, Scarcity and the Road to Survival

Originally brought to my attention via this blog post, this article raises some good points which I had - admittedly - taken for granted or overlooked altogether.

We are now trapped in what I have called “the poverty of two narratives” that pits the business-as-usual crowd against the green transitionists. This supposed debate avoids unpleasant realities such as rising global consumption and growing rates of energy use in a finite world. Moreover, both groups believe unlimited economic growth is the only answer to our multiplying emergencies.

6/17/2022 9:30 am | | Tags: climate change, inflation, economics, world politics

Hank is a great communicator and the way he breaks this all done is a masterclass.

6/17/2022 10:54 am | | Tags: misinformation, communication

Thinking about my coding projects to work on. Just in the order they're in my head, not necessarily in the order I'll tackle them.

To Listen

This is the new script I hammered out last night for taking a YT playlist and making a podcast. It still needs more work. So I want to hammer on it a bit more, smooth it out and fix some bugs with it.


There are some quality of life bug fixes I need to do. I also need to finish implementing 'Chapters' - though, as I did it, I began questioning if it was something I honestly needed.


This is the most pressing, because right now it isn't sending emails. I had been sending emails via Gmail using SMTP, but Google has closed that functionality. Ostensibly they did that for security reasons, but honestly I think they were just having too many people like me using it programmatically. So I need to investigate solutions.


I also started a very early version of this. A web app designed to be used on mobile. I need to get back in it and finish the functionality. Even though it's a web app, I think I have a way for it to send notifications to my phone.

Clerk 2

Not the Kevin Smith movie. But I have a simple app that I call Clerk which I use for tracking weight and some other daily stuff. I am planning to rebuild it from the ground up using the PHP Laravel framework. It's, overall, a pretty simple project and I think it would be a good project for getting used to the library.

Next Project

I think the next "big" project from the ground up will be the collection manager. I've been thinking a lot about it recently and really trying to delve into the database design as that is going to be critical to this project.

I don't know how much I'll get to work on projects this weekend. I'm hoping 8-ish hours in the morning and evenings. We'll see.

6/17/2022 1:21 pm | | Tags: programming, glowbug, pick'em

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