Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

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A universal monthly calendar. Not sure I'd buy it, but I could see making it a project myself.

6/29/2022 7:05 am | | Tags: design, calendar, product

As I posted last night, I got a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. There was a sale on Woot last week and I pulled the trigger. We'll see how it goes. It arrived with a completely dead battery that had to be charged. Also I had to do four sequential system updates (and each of those require the battery be at at least 30% to do, which when fighting to charge a dead battery took quite a while.)

It's too early to really judge. I did wear it sleeping last night, so I'll be curious to see how it does in tracking my sleep. I like the idea of wearing it while I sleep to see how I do, but also given the need to keep it charged, I'm not sure exactly how to best balance that.

The answer might be a charger on my desk at work so I can charge it during the day for a while. Not sure. I'll need to see how the battery actually fares once fully charged. I'm at least gratified to see that it won't cost me an arm and a leg to get additional chargers for it if I need them.

6/29/2022 7:09 am | | Tags: gadget, android, smart watch

As I play with my watch this morning and consider how I might use it, I found myself wondering about updating this blog with the power levels of my various electronics. But, would that prevent some very opaque attack vector? Could people surmise when I'm not at home based on the battery levels?

I don't think it presents much of a risk, though obviously it isn't zero risk. I'll have to think more about it. The idea tickles me enough that I'm interested in it. The idea I have a page on the site which just gives you my laptop, phone, earbuds, and watch's various battery levels. It's pointless, but fun. Which is my favorite kind.

6/29/2022 7:28 am | | Tags: android, programming, website

Pyongyang shows no desire to have talks over its nuclear program

6/29/2022 8:56 am | | Tags: world politics, north korea, nuclear weapons

Breyer to retire on June 30th, 2022

6/29/2022 9:32 am | | Tags: supreme court, us politics

She Spent a Decade Writing Fake Russian History. Wikipedia Just Noticed

Essentially the worst case scenario that makes Professors proclaim Wikipedia an unfit source for school.

6/29/2022 10:48 am | | Tags: wikipedia, russia, china, history
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