Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

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Back to Dwarf Fortress

With the week off of work, this morning I was seized by a desire to play Dwarf Fortress again. So, goodbye spare time!

7/5/2022 6:53 am | | Tags: dwarf fortress, games

How Normal Am I?

A very educating look at the technologies being used for looking at people and how machines can judge various aspects of who we are, as well as pitfalls of this.

7/5/2022 7:53 am | | Tags: machine learning, artificial intelligence, technology, dystopia

What was the meme / joke site that let you do just one thing to other users? I can't remember. I feel like it was that you could "beep" or "poke" or something. Anyone remember?

In 2002, my senior year of highschool, I registered The domain which would be my first "real" blog. As I recall, I initially launched it on MoveableType before eventually migrating to Wordpress. The domain was meant to be the cool-hacker vibe sort of thing.

I let the domain lapse in 2008. I was back in Florida after college and I wasn't pushing for that same sort of online identity. I had transitioned into the '' identity. As time went on, I regretted letting the domain lapse. It held nostalgia for me, and when I went to re-register it, and found it had instead been squatted on by domain speculators, I was appalled.

I would check on it over the years, and it kept being held by a domain speculator until it looks like it was finally released. I re-registered it today. No real plans for it, but I feel better having my old formative online stomping grounds back in my control.

7/5/2022 9:40 am | | Tags: blog, domains

My post earlier, asking about the meme/joke social network, is because I was missing Facebook's 'poke.' It was a simple and silly way to interact with someone. It removed the social expectations of a full conversation, but it was a way to let someone know you were thinking about them. I remember Apple showing off a tech feature that let you send someone your heartbeat. Again, just a simple moment to let someone know they are in your mind.

I was thinking this morning about a simple '' social network that was basically just reactions: Poke, hug, smile, etc. Something extremely simple which lets people connect for that brief moment.

Edit: 9:52am - A post on HackerNews got a reply that answered the original question of the joke app, it was the 'Yo' app.

7/5/2022 9:45 am | | Tags: social networking, facebook, poke, idea

And voila. After less than 30 minutes of coding work, I adapted the publishing of the RSS feed into also having the blog output a JSON feed.

I suspect the JSON Feed formatting will prove especially useful when I get around to making an Android app for myself so I can more easily post and share things from my phone to the blog.

7/5/2022 10:29 am | | Tags: programming, glowbug

The Supreme Court’s EPA Decision Could Hamper Regulators’ Ability to Protect the Public

7/5/2022 10:29 am | | Tags: us politics, climate change

With Roe overturned, Congress must act on data privacy

It’s incumbent on lawmakers to prevent state governments from circumventing people’s Fourth Amendment rights and to protect consumers from being harassed by antiabortion activists.

Found via a tweet from Elizabeth Warren. The article is authored by the Boston Globe's Editorial Board.

7/5/2022 5:33 pm | | Tags: us politics, privacy, abortion

Is it true that Vikings let women handle their finances because they thought it was witchcraft?

Another great post in the /r/AskHistorians subreddit, this one comes from 2018. I went looking for this answer after seeing a Tumblr screenshot on another social network which dubiously claimed the core of the linked thread's title.

The author starts out explaining why it is believed that women handled the money in viking cultures, before giving the following answer:

Witchcraft or seiðr wasn't solely associated with women, although some sorts of things that we would consider 'magic' were considered feminine. (Admittedly, 'magic' isn't quite the right word since 'magic' often suggests superstition or illusion.) I've seen no reason to assume that math was considered magic or a particularly feminine form of magic. Instead, scales and weights for measuring silver are often found in apparently male graves. So the reason you can't find proof that women and witchcraft and math and finances all went together as a regular thing ... is probably because there's no proof to find.

7/5/2022 5:47 pm | | Tags: vikings, history

Heartbreaking. 2-year old orphaned in Highland Park shooting on July 4th

7/5/2022 6:29 pm | | Tags: tragedy, gun control
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