Sunday, July 10th, 2022

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A Great Overview of the upcoming Midterm Elections

Roe v. Wade and the whole host of things that Democrats have sought to do only to be blocked by Sinema and Manchin are on the line with this upcoming set of Congressional elections. has a great overview of districts, candidates, etc. It makes no predictions as to what could be, but I was glad to have a better understanding of seats up for election in both houses as I only knew a handful of what the article covered.

7/10/2022 7:29 am | | Tags: us politics

Academic study concludes "being hangry" is real

From the study's conclusion:

The results of the present study suggest that the experience of being hangry is real, insofar as hunger was associated with greater anger and irritability, and lower pleasure, in our sample over a period of three weeks. These results may have important implications for understanding everyday experiences of emotions, and may also assist practitioners to more effectively ensure productive individual behaviours and interpersonal relationships (e.g., by ensuring that no one goes hungry)

Notably the study was of 121 particpants, who self reported over a three-week period. So it is not a huge sample size, and self-reporting is always suspect.

7/10/2022 8:39 am | | Tags: emotions

My grandmother’s botched abortion transformed three generations

Actor John Turturro tells how a botched abortion for his grandmother transformed his family.

7/10/2022 2:18 pm | | Tags: abortion, women's rights
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