Friday, July 22nd, 2022

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Amazon has ordered a 3rd season of Wheel of Time before Season 2 has aired

7/22/2022 8:44 am | | Tags: fantasy, wheel of time, tv, streaming, amazon prime

Chief of Britain’s intelligence service said that Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine was likely to “run out of steam” soon

7/22/2022 8:45 am | | Tags: ukraine, russia, world politics, war

"How Gen Z teens accidentally blew up the myth of the lazy millennial"

When the first millennials turned 16 in 1997, teen employment was above 43 percent. When the last of their generation hit 16 in 2014, it had plunged to around 26 percent. But as the first zoomers entered the workforce, the employment rate suddenly began to climb again. It now stands around 33 percent and is seeing its first sustained growth in decades.


Millennials entered the workforce amid two significant recessions and the jobless recoveries that followed, meaning they were always pitted against legions of laid-off, more-experienced workers, said Northeastern University economist Alicia Sasser Modestino.

Millennial teens also faced stiff competition from another huge reservoir of talented, hard-working adult competitors, said Hande Inanc, a Mathematica senior researcher who tracks youth unemployment trends. The immigrant population soared throughout the millennial era, with the foreign-born share of the population peaking in 2018 at its highest level since at least 1850. It has declined since, due in part to Trump-era immigration policies and restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, many of the entry-level jobs that drew Gen X into the workforce began evaporating as millennials hit the job market, Modestino said. Low-wage teen workers at video-rental stores were replaced by a few high-wage adult programmers at a few video-streaming giants. Paper carriers were similarly phased out in favor of highly skilled adults who make newspapers available online, delivered by internet protocols rather than by bicycle.

7/22/2022 8:52 am | | Tags: millenial, gen z, employment

Vox's Five Main Takeaways From Yesterday's January 6th Hearing

I only caught the latter half of the hearing but it was still enough to set my blood boiling at the absolutely disgusting filth who was our 45th President.

7/22/2022 9:02 am | | Tags: us politics, january 6th

"The Night I Met Einstein"

A beautiful story of a surprising evening where the author met Einstein and found himself to be the point of focus as Einstein taught him to appreciate the music of Bach. I might suggest you put on this song as you read.

7/22/2022 11:30 am | | Tags: einstein, music, bach

Professional Disc Golfer Nikko Locastros Disqualified from European Open

I must admit, I don't follow professional disc golf a great deal. But, as I am getting back into playing it, I re-subbed to its subreddit and found this thread which has a coverage clip of the inciting incident.

7/22/2022 1:09 pm | | Tags: disc golf, pro sports

"Russia’s Economy Really Is Crumbling Under Sanctions"

7/22/2022 4:54 pm | | Tags: war, economics sanctions, world politics, russia, economics

Absolutely stunning space photos by Judy Schmidt, thanks to James Webb Telescope data

Credit to Judy Schmidt, an amateur space image processor (that's what BoingBoing called her, which brought her work to my attention.) The post's link is to her Flickr account with this and many more amazing pictures she's created.

7/22/2022 5:16 pm | | Tags: science, astronomy, space

Security Researchers can use a SATA cable inside a computer to transmit data wirelessly to a nearby receiver

Dubbed the 'SATAn' attack. This is not an attack normal people need to be worried about, but it's pretty wild technology. Bolding for emphasis is mine:

This paper introduces a new type of attack on isolated, air-gapped workstations. Although air-gap computers have no wireless connectivity, we show that attackers can use the SATA cable as a wireless antenna to transfer radio signals at the 6 GHz frequency band. The Serial ATA (SATA) is a bus interface widely used in modern computers and connects the host bus to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives, optical drives, and solid-state drives. The prevalence of the SATA interface makes this attack highly available to attackers in a wide range of computer systems and IT environments. We discuss related work on this topic and provide technical background. We show the design of the transmitter and receiver and present the implementation of these components. We also demonstrate the attack on different computers and provide the evaluation. The results show that attackers can use the SATA cable to transfer a brief amount of sensitive information from highly secured, air-gap computers wirelessly to a nearby receiver. Furthermore, we show that the attack can operate from user mode, is effective even from inside a Virtual Machine (VM), and can successfully work with other running workloads in the background. Finally, we discuss defense and mitigation techniques for this new air-gap attack.

7/22/2022 8:13 pm | | Tags: security, hacking

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