Sunday, July 24th, 2022

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An interesting thread about the rampant counterfeits problem on Amazon, specifically with technical books

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One of the most infuriating things in coding is when something gets fixed and you have no idea why.

An interesting tidbit from the Axios newsletter:

Nielsen says 17.7 million viewers watched Thursday's hearing — down from the 20 million who watched the other prime-time hearing, on June 9, AP's David Bauder reports.

An estimated 13.6 million of Thursday's hearing viewers — 77% — were age 55+. Only 705,000 viewers were 18 to 34.

The six daytime hearings averaged 11.2 million viewers, with a peak audience of 13.2 million on June 28, when Cassidy Hutchinson testified.

705,000 is 4% of the viewership for Thursday's broadcast. My wife and I fell into the unmentioned 19% that are between 34 and 55.

I had seen the 17.7M viewers number, but only out of context of the viewership of other panel sessions.

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"#YoSíTeCreo: Will the #MeToo Reckoning in Cuba's Music Industry Spark Broader Change?"

On April 18, one of Cuba’s most prominent musicians, José Luis Cortés, died suddenly at the age of 70 after suffering a stroke. Known by his nickname, “El Tosco” (“the rough guy”), Cortés founded the dance band NG La Banda, one of the pioneers of the Cuban salsa style called timba, the most popular genre on the island from the late 1980s to the mid-aughts.

But Cortés was also known for his machismo, both in his music and life. In 2019, Dianelys Alfonso, known as “La Diosa” (“the goddess”)—a singer with NG La Banda from 2003 to 2009—said that Cortés had repeatedly sexually assaulted and beaten her during the course of their romantic relationship. In a subsequent interview, she expressed fear of retaliation by Cortés, saying he sent her a threatening text warning there would be “consequences” after she went public. She also described him as physically abusive with his ex-wife and another woman in the band. Upon news of his death in April, Alfonso wrote on Instagram that every word she’d said about Cortés was true—and that he wouldn’t be hitting anyone anymore.

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Underage factory workers found at a Hyundai factory IN ALABAMA

Just.... WTF. It's happening here in America, stop believing it isn't happening elsewhere.

A subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co has used child labor at a plant that supplies parts for the Korean carmaker's assembly line in nearby Montgomery, Alabama, according to area police, the family of three underage workers, and eight former and current employees of the factory.

Underage workers, in some cases as young as 12, have recently worked at a metal stamping plant operated by SMART Alabama LLC, these people said. SMART, listed by Hyundai in corporate filings as a majority-owned unit, supplies parts for some of the most popular cars and SUVs built by the automaker in Montgomery, its flagship U.S. assembly plant.


Reuters learned of underage workers at the Hyundai-owned supplier following the brief disappearance in February of a Guatemalan migrant child from her family's home in Alabama.

The girl, who turns 14 this month, and her two brothers, aged 12 and 15, all worked at the plant earlier this year and weren't going to school, according to people familiar with their employment. Their father, Pedro Tzi, confirmed these people's account in an interview with Reuters.

Police in the Tzi family's adopted hometown of Enterprise also told Reuters that the girl and her siblings had worked at SMART. The police, who helped locate the missing girl, at the time of their search identified her by name in a public alert.

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Late Sunday coding, mostly for quality of life as I move back to Linux.

First, I had to update my "To Listen" Podcast tool to reflect the new file structure. Simple enough.

Second, I wrote a script to replace some software I had in Windows. I utilize ObsidianMD for a second-brain, personal library of store. And to that end, I store it on my own server so I can sync it to my phone. On Windows, I used some freeware to make the sync happening, but the same tools don't exist in Linux. However, lftp does. This post on dives into it, though I ran into an issue and had to fix SSL required access for the server. But, we got there, and now I can easily sync again.

Now, time to retreat from the heat and head to bed to start a new work week.

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