Friday, July 29th, 2022

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200 Terabyte SSDs Coming (

Micron has invented a new chip which will enable massive SSD drives for computers. That is, to be a little technical on this blog - NUTS.

7/29/2022 8:22 am | |
Tags: technology, computer hardware, storage

Meta sees first ever earnings decline and suffers resulting stock dip (

Far from putting the company at risk, but it signals that the company is really beginning to struggle. The next six months should be fascinating.

7/29/2022 8:27 am | |
Tags: finance, technology, social media

Why we have Google trust issues with new things

The shockingly large graveyard of Google's projects sounds like it might grow larger with rumors floating of Stadia's demise coming soon. And this is why we have trust issues with big G. Why should I invest in new Google projects if they're just going to kill them? We have no guarantee on it and there is far too much evidence to make me believe a new project is going to be long lived.

7/29/2022 9:39 am | |
Tags: gaming, google

Did some shopping at the used bookstore tonight

Disclaimer: I work for Wizards of the Coast, makers of Dungeons & Dragons.

We met some friends for dinner, and while we waited for our table to be ready we went next door to Half Price Books. Found some gems. They had more 2nd edition adventures but I only grabbed these two. The handbooks are a little beat up, but I'm thrilled to pick them up. I'm still looking for Player Handbooks from 2nd edition.

7/29/2022 9:18 pm | |
Tags: dungeons and dragons, books

A fascinating look at Cold War Yugoslavia and the fact it was a very popular Naturist travel destination (

Clothes-free tourism was one of the many things that made Yugoslav communism rather different to the model then offered by the Soviet bloc. Throughout the 70s and 80s, Yugoslavia was one of the biggest nudist destinations in the world. Koversada, which could accommodate 10,000 guests at its peak, was just one part of a coastal resort archipelago that attracted an estimated one million naturists a year.


“The communist authorities didn’t really understand what naturism was,” says Jerko Sladoljev, who came to work at Koversada as a young tourist-management graduate in 1968. “Although they did see that the Catholic Church didn’t like it, and anything that made the Church uncomfortable was pretty good in their eyes.”

7/29/2022 10:29 pm | |
Tags: ussr, yugoslavia, cold war, naturism

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