Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

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Man refused to give Comcast $50k for service, so he built his own ISP instead. And he just got federal funds to expand it. (

8/10/2022 7:51 am | |
Tags: internet

Meet Judy-Lynn del Rey (

8/10/2022 8:26 am | |
Tags: books, scifi

The whale in the Seine river has been euthanized ( 🗝️)

I followed this story hoping they would be able to coax it back out into the oceans but today's update is not that. Very sad. I find the large sea mammals some of the most amazing creatures in this world and knowing their relative intelligence, things like this pain me.

8/10/2022 8:27 am | |
Tags: animals, whales, france

The Wagner Group sounds like Russia's version of Blackwater (

8/10/2022 8:35 am | |
Tags: russia, war, mercenaries, ukraine

An electrical engineer explains what a semiconductor is (

Reading this gave me serious flashbacks. In high school, while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be, my dad called upon a family friend who worked for Lucent (a chip maker.) We went over to his house one evening and he began explaining what he did. I grew up with computers and I loved them, but that evening quickly showed me I was not interested in computer engineering as I ended up actually dozing off as he talked. I felt so embarassed and bad. They also gave me a tour of the local Lucent facilities on another day.

I find the technology fascinating but it just doesn't click with me. I took a computer engineering course at Georgia Tech and thank god for my friend Jay, otherwise I would have absolutely failed. The underlying logic components of gates and everything makes sense and I enjoy that, but the steps going from that to physical component is where it loses me.

8/10/2022 8:43 am | |
Tags: technology, computer engineering

"28 years later, Super Punch-Out!!’s 2-player mode has been discovered" (

I loved Super Punch-Out. One of my all time favorite video games. I'm sad I never got to play it 2-player with friends. This functionality seems, to me at least, to be coded for artists to jump in and quickly check stuff.

8/10/2022 10:32 am | |
Tags: video games, nintendo

An AI designed keyboard layout (

I have a deep seated love for keyboard systems different from the standard QWERTY or even DVORAK. I remember making one based on someone who did word analysis and a simplistic model which wanted to minimize the movement required. The biggest hurdles with something like this is that I found I really struggled to be "bilingual" when it came to keyboards.

I needed to be forced to only use the new one, with no exceptions, otherwise I would give in and switch back to an easy layout for speed and simplicity. Given today's world where I use, on the regular, three different computers (home laptop, work laptop, and home desktop) as well as two phones (one Android and one iOS) I would need to find a solution that easily allowed me to adopt a new keyboard in all situations, as well as have a length of time for learning proficiency such that I would not be hampered in my day to day career and life.

A tall order. However, I still find things like this fascinating.

8/10/2022 1:01 pm | |
Tags: computer hardware, keyboard, artificial intelligence, open source

8/10/2022 4:43 pm | |
Tags: us politics, republicans, donald trump

"We owe you big" President Biden to Jon Stewart before signing Veteran bill (

8/10/2022 4:50 pm | |
Tags: us politics, veterans

Protect Bill Nye at all costs (


That momin Toni made Bill Nye say “Woah!” ???? ???? ???? #billnye #theendisnye #billnyethescienceguy #interview #sdcc #sdcc2022

? Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

8/10/2022 11:46 pm | |
Tags: science

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