Sunday, August 21st, 2022

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Chess by E. E. Cunnington (1942)

Chess is perhaps one of the oldest and most universal games in existence. It is a game of wits that brings strategy and foresight into play.

Yesterday we made a trip to our local used bookstore and I bought an 80-year old chess book, "Chess" by Cunnington.

I don't think I will personally gain a great deal from this book, it's meant to teach people the rules of the game as well as basic strategies and openings. And, financially, it is far from a valuable book. I paid $5.99, and looking online has shown options for similar printings at even cheaper. But, still, I just loved the paperback cover and the aesthetics of it.

8/21/2022 8:52 am | | Tags: chess, book

Europe launches first software-defined satellite

I can't help but read this as "satellite purpose made for hackers now in operation."

8/21/2022 11:08 am | | Tags: space

"America’s First Black Physician Sought to Heal a Nation’s Persistent Illness"

James McCune Smith was not just any physician. He was the first African American to earn a medical degree, educated at the University of Glasgow in the 1830s, when no American university would admit him. For this groundbreaking achievement alone, Smith warrants greater appreciation.

But Smith was also one of the nation’s leading abolitionists. In 1859, Frederick Douglass declared, "No man in this country more thoroughly understands the whole struggle between freedom and slavery than does Dr. Smith, and his heart is as broad as his understanding." A prolific writer, Smith was not only the first African American to publish peer-reviewed articles in medical journals; he also wrote essays and gave lectures refuting pseudoscientific claims of black inferiority and forecast the transformational impact African Americans were destined to make on world culture.

8/21/2022 11:11 am | | Tags: black history, abolition, civil rights

Richard Feynman defines the scientific method in just over a minute

8/21/2022 7:09 pm | | Tags: science, explain

A site that collects the highest point in each state of the US

8/21/2022 7:51 pm | | Tags: mountains, geography, united states
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