Wednesday, August 24th, 2022

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There are obviously a million issues to be addressed in today's world, but I can't help but feel the ongoing loss of teachers is something that is being deprioritized because it isn't the "house on fire" issues. I'd love to see a major legislation that pushes education back to the forefront, pours resources into schools and guarantees minimum pay for public school teachers on levels which drive competition with the open market, etc.

Obviously this becomes a partisan issue under the "but my freedom" resistance to nationalized public education. But, pardon my french, those people can go fuck themselves.

8/24/2022 4:54 pm | | Tags: education, us politics, teachers


You know... I might not be getting enough sleep. I logged off work and went to lay down for a nap and thankfully the wife realized the time and woke me up, otherwise I might have just slept through the entire night. My body might be sending me a message...

Edit: Realized that I had forgotten to take my meds today. Whoops.

8/24/2022 7:13 pm | | Tags: self care, sleep

Biden cancels $10,000 school debt for individuals earning less than $125k / year

8/24/2022 9:03 pm | | Tags: debt, us politics

Wordle finally joins NYT Crossword App

8/24/2022 9:17 pm | | Tags: wordle, crossword, new york times

Gender dysphoria covered by ADA

A federal ruling that gender dysphoria is covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act could help block conservative political efforts to restrict access to gender-affirming care, advocates and experts say.

A panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week became the first federal appellate court in the country to find that the 1990 landmark federal law protects transgender people who experience anguish and other symptoms as a result of the disparity between their assigned sex and their gender identity.

The ruling could become a powerful tool to challenge legislation restricting access to medical care and other accommodations for transgender people, including employment and government benefits, advocates said.

8/24/2022 9:18 pm | | Tags: us politics, transgender rights

This year's weather extremes feel more global and more extreme than I've ever experienced in my life and Asia is particularly getting hammered

High temperatures, frequent droughts, torrential rains, and other extreme weather events this summer have throttled Asia, forced industries to shut down, slowed global business, disrupted food supplies, and upended the lives of ordinary people living in some of the world’s most populous countries and densely packed cities.

8/24/2022 9:20 pm | | Tags: asia, climate change, weather, drought
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