Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

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Obama to Heckler

"We get distracted," he said. "You got one person yelling and soon everybody's yelling, you get one tweet that's stupid and suddenly everyone's obsessed with the tweet. We can't fall for that."

I find this quote from Obama, after a heckler interrupted a speech of his an excellent framing for today. It is so so easy in today's world to be distracted individually and for society. Our entire entertainment machine is designed to provide endless distractions and society isn't coping with it very well.

11/3/2022 6:50 am | | Tags: us politics, barack obama, social media

Noclip about Black & White

I never played Black & White but I know a lot about it. My not playing it was a byproduct of not having a computer able to play it and then getting distracted with other things. But I remember reading and hearing a lot about it.

This was a fascinating insight into the game and its development.

11/3/2022 7:27 am | | Tags: gaming, documentary

"Ministry of the Future" By Kim Stanley Robinson

I'm currently reading this book. I'm almost a quarter of the way through it and it's a tough read. It's gritty and real and at times I'm not clear if the author is speaking to me the reader or if it is in the story, which is - to be blunt - fucking frightening, because of the state of climate change and the danger we are all in.

Highly recommend the book, but buckle up and be ready to look yourself and society in the mirror.

The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson
11/3/2022 9:37 am | | Tags: climate change, scifi, book, currently reading

Goodbye Twitter, at least for now

I'm done with Twitter for a while. Not because of Musk taking over, but more that I want to make it harder to get lost scrolling on social media and return to creating and writing.

11/3/2022 3:05 pm | | Tags: personal, social media
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