Saturday, November 5th, 2022

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Timeline Texas Hold'em

I came up with an interesting Hold'em variant last night, I think it works best with just a 2-3 players. I came up with it when thinking about improving Hold'em for heads-up 1v1 play.

It's normal Hold'em hand rules, etc. except you deal each player 3 hands of two cards. Players bet based on the overall strength of their three hands. Then the dealer does the flop, and at that point each player folds one of their hands and then bets as normal. Then you do the turn, and the players fold one of the remaining two hands, and then betting is done. So that there is only one hand remaining for the river.

The idea was that my brother and I were playing heads-up and just folding hands back and forth waiting for each of us to get playable hands against each other. This would have dramatically increased the likelihood of playable hands and also given more information for us to act on.

Haven't gotten to play this yet, but I think it's a very interesting idea and one I'm curious to try out.

I tweeted about this idea here, sharing for posterity and in case my gaming friends provide feedback etc.

11/5/2022 7:14 am | | Tags: game design, poker
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