Sunday, November 6th, 2022

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Weird: The Al Yankovich Story (2022)

I'm spending some time with family this morning, and rooming with my older brother Adam. We had planned to watch this together during the weekend and last night we made good on those plans.

I cannot recommend watching this movie enough. It might be the pinnacle of absurdist comedies, and I am not sure it will ever be beaten. It is silly and wild and features endless cameos in very unexpected roles.

Do not read or watch anything more about the movie, I urge you to go into it blind beyond the premise and just buckle in for the ride.

To speak to my particular scenario for watching it, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Crash with your brother in a divey hotel, get a bottle of champagne, and put the movie on a projector on the room's wall. Then drink champagne and laugh your ass off together. Highly recommend this experience if you're able to recreate it.

Core memory locked.

11/6/2022 5:51 am | | Tags: movie, comedy, absurdism, music
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