Sunday, November 20th, 2022

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Aaron Franklin Smokes a Turkey

Aaron Franklin is a chef and restaurant owner (Franklin Barbecue in Austin TX), he's my go-to Smoking guru for delicious meat.

11/20/2022 7:01 am | | Tags: cooking, smoking meat, thanksgiving

Pure joy at discovering a species of bird thought to be extinct

11/20/2022 7:53 am | | Tags: nature, zoology, papua new guinea

Trans Day of Rememberance

11/20/2022 10:07 am | | Tags: transgender rights

The rock salt used on driveways is also used in making home ice cream

It makes perfect sense after reading what is going on, but I would have assumed they needed to be different.

11/20/2022 10:33 am | | Tags: ice cream, cooking, chemistry

There are only two religions


And they have the same goal. #mindset #motivation #selfdevelopment #mentalmodels

? original sound - Josh Terry - Josh Terry

I don't know how it knows, but TikTok always hits me with these crazy philosophical post as I'm getting ready for bed

11/20/2022 11:26 pm | | Tags: religion, philosophy

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