Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

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"Can This Chicken Company Solve America’s Food Waste Problem?"

Inside, large, green bins were filled with surplus food from 450 supermarkets in the region. Soon, a conveyor belt would move them toward a giant metal claw. As the claw lifted each bin, the lid would swing open. Bruised apples, watermelon rinds, unsold hot dogs, and stale bagels would fall into a chute, initiating the process of turning grocery store waste into chicken feed.

Since the first package of Do Good Chicken hit retail shelves in April, the company estimates it has kept 11 million pounds of food out of landfills—and they're just getting started. Two additional facilities are in the works—in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Selma, North Carolina—and Kamine said he plans to eventually build one "in every major metropolitan area."

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When you need Christmas AND you need Epic music

11/30/2022 9:23 am | | Tags: christmas, music

Hakeem Jeffries to succeed Pelosi leading House Democrats

11/30/2022 2:03 pm | | Tags: us politics, democrats

Uhhh, I just looked and saw I've added 105 ebooks to my library and kindle THIS year. By my count I've read 11 of them.

I'm never going to catch up at this rate!

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Mastodon Favs for November, 30th 2022

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