Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

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Another World Cup ends for USA

I woke up a bit before 6:30 this morning to watch. Katie and I had planned to bake some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for today, once she was up I started the oven and watched as the US Men's team took the field. From Pulisic's early miss to the, well, the way the game went.

I didn't come into today believing we were favorites to win, but - like Ted Lasso - we kept hope.

The squad is young, primed to come back in 2026 when we host. However, we need an out and out goal hungry striker. A finisher. I'm not fully on #BerhalterOut, but it feels like we should consider it as we begin planning for the next four years.

It's good we made it back to the Round of 16, especially after missing in 2018, but I can't help being disappointed that we can't make it further. At least, not since 2002.

12/3/2022 9:52 am | | Tags: world cup, usmnt

ChatGPT made a virtual machine and it was usable

It's very avant garde, I can't help but feel we're about to see a new era of 'ai-vant garde' art exhibits as AI melds reality with its algorithms.

12/3/2022 3:52 pm | | Tags: machine learning, artificial intelligence, ai-vant garde art

The Galaxy Twist


Please describe an entirely new and never done before dance, complete with name and directions for how to do it

ChatGPT's Response:

Sure! How about a dance called "The Galaxy Twist"? To do the dance, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Begin by shifting your weight onto your left foot and extending your right foot behind you, pointing your toes. As you do this, twist your upper body to the right, reaching your left arm up toward the sky. Next, twist back to the left, bringing your right arm up and your left foot back to the starting position.

From there, repeat the same sequence on the opposite side, shifting your weight onto your right foot and extending your left foot behind you. Again, twist your upper body to the left, reaching your right arm up, and then twist back to the right, bringing your left arm up and your right foot back to the starting position.

Continue alternating sides and twisting back and forth, moving to the beat of the music. As you get the hang of it, try to add some flair and personality to your movements, making the dance your own.

That's the basic idea of the Galaxy Twist! Have fun with it and let your creativity shine.

12/3/2022 3:55 pm | | Tags: dance, ai-vant garde art

7 die as Seattle moves into a very-high classification for flu season

12/3/2022 6:01 pm | | Tags: seattle, flu season

Mastodon Favs for December, 3rd 2022

12/3/2022 10:45 pm | | Tags: mastodon, social media, automated

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