Thursday, December 8th, 2022

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"Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has been knocked offline for more than a month"

12/8/2022 12:01 pm | | Tags: news, vanuatu, hacking

8 in 10 young adults in the US live within 100 miles of where they grew up

Some interesting insights in this article. Also in the full study, which I've only skimmed currently. I wouldn't have put the percentage that stayed home that high, probably over 50%, but I think the fact I moved so far from home and also that both places I most consider home when growing up (Orlando and Seattle), have huge influxes of people sways my perspective.

Nearly six in 10 young adults live within 10 miles of where they grew up, and eight in 10 live within 100 miles, according to a new study by researchers at the U.S. Census Bureau and Harvard University.

Even the prospect of higher earnings in more distant locations does little to change these patterns.

The final dataset draws upon anonymized decennial census, survey and tax data for people born from 1984 to 1992, to measure migration between locations in childhood and young adulthood. Childhood locations are measured at age 16 and locations in young adulthood are measured at age 26.

12/8/2022 2:47 pm | | Tags: united states, economics

Moose sighting in Rainier National Park

Moose are not known for living this far south, this is very exciting to me. I would love to see more of them in this part of the state.

12/8/2022 4:06 pm | | Tags: rainier national park, wildlife

A comment on why the US traded Bout for Griner

A Reddit poster claims this comes from a friend in a counterterror / intelligence think tank. Take that claim with a gain of salt, however I think the point is solid:

Because Bout is burned, the ability for him to do what he did before is essentially nulified because hes spent 15 years in an american prison. we should have gotten more for Bout but the reality is we don't get that luxury. Griner doesn't deserve to die bc Putin wants to poke Biden in the eye, and there's dozens of other Bouts in the world, a few in Russia, a few in America. What Bout did pales in comparison to what our own people in the govt have authorized for arms trafficking. the reality is, authoritarians always have liberal democracies over a barrel with prisoner swaps. it's just the nature of the beast.

but what sets us apart is our willingness to make these hard swaps bc we value life and liberty. It's a greater statement than the inverse condition/outcome wherein someone like Bout is valued higher bc of their danger.

12/8/2022 4:36 pm | | Tags: us politics, russia

PSE energy stations among those attacked in Washington & Oregon in November

At least five attacks at electricity substations in Washington and Oregon, including two at Puget Sound Energy substations, have been reported to the FBI in recent weeks.

Spokespeople for Puget Sound Energy, the Cowlitz County Public Utility District and Bonneville Power Administration confirmed the attacks happened in November, according to emails sent in response to Seattle Times inquiries.

The FBI declined to confirm it is investigating the attacks, but the utilities say they are cooperating with a federal investigation.

12/8/2022 4:41 pm | | Tags: terrorism, seattle, domestic terrorism

A fascinating look at the intertwined history of the banjo and black history

Sadly the racism is not altogether surprising given the south's overt history, but I never thought of it in this particular lens. I particularly found the segment about the 'ring shout' tradition fascinating.

12/8/2022 4:53 pm | | Tags: music, black history, banjo
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