Sunday, December 18th, 2022

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Twitter disallows linking to other social networks (

Wild. It's burning down before our eyes.

12/18/2022 10:03 am | |
Tags: social media, elon musk, twitter

Congrats to Argentina!

Watched this morning's World Cup final. I came into it rooting for Argentina, cheering for Messi to finally get a World Cup trophy. The match was a wild and drama filled one, but glad France folded and Argentina claims the win.

Also, check out this incredible photo by Kai Pfaffenbach for Reuters:

12/18/2022 10:05 am | |
Tags: soccer, world cup

Capitalism can't be green

I'm growing to believe this more and more everyday.

12/18/2022 2:23 pm | |
Tags: capitalism, climate change

Mastodon Favs for December, 18th 2022

12/18/2022 10:45 pm | |
Tags: mastodon, social media, automated

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