Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

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ProPublica has amazing reporting about where Google sends ad money (

12/22/2022 10:05 am | |
Tags: news, advertising, google

Mastodon Favs for December, 22nd 2022

12/22/2022 10:45 pm | |
Tags: mastodon, social media, automated

LastPass was hacked and it is very bad for anyone who it affects (

I was using LastPass until a few years ago. With news of this hacking, I am suddenly terrified that my account wasn't deleted by them. We will see.

12/22/2022 10:50 pm | |
Tags: digital security, hacking

Chef credited with creating Chicken Tikka Masala dies (

12/22/2022 10:52 pm | |
Tags: obituary, food

Jim Henson's A Muppet Family Christmas (

A great crossover of Henson creations: Sesame Street, Muppets, Fraggle Rock, et al.

12/22/2022 10:54 pm | |
Tags: christmas, movie, muppets

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