Saturday, December 31st, 2022

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"Croatia to switch to euro, enter passport-free Schengen zone" (

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The Simple Things

I can't help but be satisfied and pleased after making a TV swap this morning. It wasn't brain surgery by any means, but I still find great satisfaction in having done it and the new system being fully up and running with our antenna, Roku, and Raspberry Pi connected to it. I also took the opportunity to vacuum and clean up all the dust that had accumulated behind the TV since the last time I did a cleaning of it a few years ago.

It is, unfortunately, not a dumb TV. But I only connected it to the internet to do a system update, and then removed its access. I ended up going with another LG tv, found a solid deal for it from Target, and was able to pick it up from a store rather than risk it being shipped.

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The 5% rule - no matter how nice you are, some people are just jerks (

This entry rang a chord with me. My dad had a story he told (and told and told and told over the years.) His first job out of college was about selling for a chemical company, and he was told by one of the more experienced men:

There are five people in the world. One who - no matter what you do or say - will always buy from you. One who - no matter what you do or say - will never buy from you. And three which can be swayed by what you say or do. So your job is to focus on those three.

This rings similarly to the blogpost.

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Last slave ship survivor lived until 1940 (

The last known survivor of the last U.S. slave ship died in 1940—75 years after the abolition of slavery. Her name was Matilda McCrear.

When she first arrived in Alabama in 1860, she was only two years old. By the time she died, Matilda had lived through the Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, World War I, the Great Depression and the outbreak of World War II in Europe.

To David's point, this is not some far off history as it can often feel in school. I had no idea that the last survivor of the slave trade had lived until just over 80 years ago.

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My mother-in-law was bemoaning wanting a color version of sudoku, so I am spending a few hours today hammering out a version for her. Building it on this JS library for the puzzle generation. I'm estimating that it's 80% of the way there.

All I've got left to do is finish the puzzle checking and also to allow "noting" possible colors for cells. I'm not sure the best way for me to do the "notes" function yet since this is color based. I'm thinking I'll do a mini grid of the colors put in as a note.

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Richard Schiff was amazing as Toby

Rewatching The West Wing for the thousandth time and I am constantly reminded how much I love Schiff in his portrayal of Toby.

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Writer shares story from interacting with Fauci during the fight for AIDS reform ( 🗝️)

With his retirement, the people who want to demonize Fauci are continuing the effort. I thought this was an excellent piece delving into a time well prior to his notoriety during Covid.

Within months, hundreds of ACT UPers were surrounding his building at the N.I.H., and I was the first one arrested, after climbing onto its portico. Cops wrestled me down, bound my hands behind me with a zip tie, then hauled me through the building to a police van. The burly cop pulling my shoulder was dumbfounded when a familiar short man in a white lab coat walking toward us down the hallway yelled, "Peter, are you all right?" Laughing, I replied, "I'm fine. Just doing my job. How about you, Tony?"

Dr. Fauci soon caved on one of our primary demands: adding people with H.I.V. to all the committees overseeing his AIDS research programs. Those patient advocates slowly but surely got results, vastly improving a research network that was more recently used to enroll thousands of people in the initial Covid-19 vaccine trials. It was the birth of a patient advocacy model that all disease groups use today, fully embraced by the research establishment. And it's a tradition that I hope will continue after Dr. Fauci's retirement on Dec. 31.

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2022 Glowbug Recap

Sitting here at home, rewatching The West Wing, and I decided to pull some data about the blog this year since I really re-birthed it this year after, well, years without regularly blogging.

Total posts in 2022: 1,312

Coding on Glowbug, my custom backend for this blog, looking at my GitHub commits:

The current breakdown of Glowbug's code by language:

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