Sunday, January 8th, 2023

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Currently Reading & Virtual Tsundoku

I've got a handful of books in progress and wanted to share them:

A series of afro-futuristic short stories. I'm about a third of the way through and greatly enjoying it. Given that it is a series of disconnected short stories, I'm doling them out and jumping to other books for periods so I don't burn through it.

I read a wonderful one last night, "A Dream of Electric Mothers" by Wole Talabi. Definitely powerful and going to stick with me.

Raising Them Right is not what I would consider a fun read. It's a delve into the stories of the political Right in the US. For example, the first chapter is a brief look at Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk's background and story that led him to being the figure for the Right he currently is.

I haven't actually started this one yet. It's the third in the series; I listened to the first two last year during commuting. A post yesterday by Cory Doctorow reminded me about the series. I hopped into the Libby mobile app and checked out the audiobook to return to the series.

Virtual Tsundoku

I have a lot of ebooks to read eventually. Here is a quick overview of the latest ebooks I have added onto my stack of books to read eventually. I've added all of these in the past month. There are more books I have yet to read, but this is just the top of the stack.

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Bolsanaro supporters invade government buildings in Brazil (

Initially I was going to frame this as Brazil having their own January 6th incident, but that is unfairly Americanized as far as perspectives go. Government protests and revolts like this happened before January 6th and will keep going. They are undoubtedly driven by the same political machines and social movements.

Supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro breached security barriers set up by the Armed Forces on Sunday and gained access to the country’s congressional building, the Supreme Court and the Planalto Presidential Palace, according to images shown in Brazilian media.

Footage showed massive crowds walking up a ramp that leads to the congressional building, where they had reached the Green Room, located outside the lower House of Congress’ chamber, Interim Senate President Veneziano Vital do Rogo told CNN Brasil.

Images from other outlets showed them entering the Supreme Court and the presidential palace.

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Mastodon Favs for January, 8th 2023

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