Saturday, January 14th, 2023

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Chess For the Day

Record: 3-0-1
Net Elo Change: +11

Games Played

1/14/2023 10:45 pm | | Tags: automated, chess

Writing, day 2

Spent a bit more time writing today. I'm at roughly 2,500 words between yesterday's start, and today's session.

I've recreated my tracking sheet, which is a Google Sheet, I created when I was doing NaNoWriMo. It allows me to track words per session, and the rough time of the session, to track my progress on the book. Obviously I'm not doing NaNo, I'm just writing. But the sheet works well for me, and allows me to easily see a visual of my progress, etc.

I'm keeping this very casual, not locking myself away to write all day. In total I've written for less than 90 minutes so far. I just write until I begin to feel myself slowing down, but - crucially, I try to stop before I am out of ideas. So that it is easy for me to hop back in during the next session. This is great advice from Ernest Hemingway (allegedly.)

1/14/2023 11:44 pm | | Tags: writing
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