Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

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PHP in 2023 (

I default to PHP for my server side programming. And, while I'm just a hobbyist, it's interesting to see where PHP is going and how. I hadn't really been aware of the PHP foundation, but I'm glad to hear about it and that its first year has been a success.

1/17/2023 6:49 am | |
Tags: programming, php

When a F-117 crashed two years before it was revealed, the Air Force replaced it with a crashed F-101A

I had always loved the look of the F-117. So sharp and angular. Today on Reddit I spotted a post which shared this story and it explains perfectly why people believe conspiracy theories.

Someone on Reddit asked why they bothered replacing it, and instead didn't just haul it away and say it was a F-101A. I suspect it had to do with limiting the secret. If they just hauled it away, more people ask questions, etc.

Anyways, fascinating stuff.

1/17/2023 7:13 am | |
Tags: us military, airforce, airplanes

"Why Ron DeSantis Won’t—or Shouldn’t—Run for President" (

This article has shades of Vizzinni in The Princess Bride, playing a convoluted mind game. I want to believe the author wrote this as a way to urging DeSantis to run for the express purpose of him and Trump fighting.

1/17/2023 8:40 am | |
Tags: ron desantis, donald trump, florida, republicans, us politics

Fascinating (

I have no idea why it is this way and I assume Veritaseum has a video coming up to explain it, but it made me go "Huh!" in surprise. One commenter suggested it is for this reason, which makes sense to me:

Due to the angle of each section, when it hits the table, it pulls the other side which is attached through the cable to the next section. The angular energy is transfered each time one side hits the table.

1/17/2023 2:20 pm | |
Tags: science, physics

Marjorie Taylor Greene gets seat on Homeland Security Committee (

Fuck you Kevin McCarthy and your shitty deals.

1/17/2023 6:43 pm | |
Tags: us politics, republicans

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