Friday, February 3rd, 2023

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"You are a perishable item. Live accordingly."

Had that quote pop up from when I posted it on Facebook ten years ago. A good reminder for us all.

2/3/2023 7:23 am | | Tags: wisdom

Mysterious bookmark folder disappearing

This could very-well be a user error, though I severely doubt it. This morning I open Firefox and discover one of my bookmark folders is missing. It's not a huge deal, it's a folder which I know well and which is just meant to be shortcuts for various online services I utilize. But yeah, I can't find it anywhere.

I would normally assume the culprit was that it had erroneously been dragged out of location and be hiding somewhere else but that does not seem to be the case.

In any case, I have remade the folder and this has caused me to do a backup of my bookmarks. Because backups are good things to have.

2/3/2023 8:17 am | | Tags: firefox, bug

I think I am adding "of the best" as an auto filtered phrase for my RSS feed reader. I'm tired of the "X of the best Y on Z" articles which pop up across various feeds I read. I get that they are good fodder for SEO and casual readers but I don't know the last time I decided to read one and I can't see myself doing that now.

Edit: As it turns out, FreshRSS does not currently have this functionality. I guess I have a coding project to explore.

2/3/2023 8:26 am | | Tags: rss

Seattle #2 in Cannabis usage vs. Nicotine, Portland is #1

In surveys conducted between March 2021 and January 2022, around 865,000 people age 18 and older in the Seattle market area — about 20% of the adult population — said they had used cannabis (including edibles) in the past 30 days. Only around 560,000 (13%) had smoked cigarettes or used one of the newer nicotine-based alternatives, e-cigarettes and vapes.

The one place where cannabis outpaces nicotine by an even wider margin? It's not exactly a surprise. In Portland, about 21% of adults used cannabis compared with 13% who smoked or vaped nicotine products, for a gap of 8 percentage points. The San Francisco market area ranked third, with a gap of around 6 points.

2/3/2023 9:59 am | | Tags: cannabis, seattle, portland

Grandpa Amu the Carpenter

This YouTube channel is an example of why I love the Internet. This is some older asian man around the world who does various woodworking projects without any narration and just posts them online. Nothing mind blowing. Just simple.

2/3/2023 3:48 pm | | Tags: youtube, woodworking

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Wallabag Additions

These are articles that which I saved today so that I may read them later. Substance and quality will vary drastically.

Chess For the Day

Record: 2-0-2
Net Elo Change: 0

Games Played

2/3/2023 10:45 pm | | Tags: automated, longreads, chess

Amazing Oboe piece

Henrik Chaim Goldschmidt plays Ennio Morricone's "Gabriel's Oboe" with The Faroe Islands Philharmonic Orchestra

I went down a rabbit hole of googling YouTube for "Best [instrument] player" and was blown away by this classical music piece.

2/3/2023 11:35 pm | | Tags: classical music
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